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Not sure which account to choose? Check last update tier list with

100% Guaranteed for each account:

Story fresh!
Max story done only Episode 1, no more! For some accounts it’s even less. All rewards from achievement not claimed.

Selective banner is available!
All accounts unnamed & have ticket to change name!
All accounts not linked, created as GUEST.
All accounts GLOBAL server.

All accounts with a lot of Task Planet Points, with SSR Tickets selectors, with a lot if Info, Fusion Cores, SSR units and more as a part of a free bonuses!

High level of the accounts means only that I farmed some limited materials, did daily or weekly tasks to make your starter account more powerful for you!

Check section below if interested

Fresh account with high level. Main screenStory Progress – Only Episode 1 Done. Nothing Else
Episode 2 not even started
Great boost – x3 World Map already activated
No Substream or Side Story touchedNo Tasfkorce Plan Quests claimedNo Achievements claimedSelective Banners available
With a lot of unitsAnd their copiesWith tickets and moreAlso with a lot of consumables

Ready to buy?

Join my discord channel and contact me there. I’ll add you and we will be able to proceed with the order.

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