Best Care Starter Accounts | Segnaless Store

We can guarantee:

Story full fresh! Nothing done, only tutorial Chapter 1 in Act 1. Lost Chapters, Intersecting Wills, World of Illusions, Dimension’s End, Six Warriors, Abyss – nothing touched;
Accounts not linked, created as Guest;
Only Global server;
Summon boards & Divine illusion boards not touched! You can farm 1 000 000+ gems & 10 000+ of tickets;
Tons of resources: all accounts with awesome amount of BT/FR/LD/EX/35CP/15CP weapons for a fair prices, with a lot of other bonuses inside, such as BT tokens, EX tokens, Armor/Weapon tokens and etc;
Moogle pass is available;
Linking only via Square Enix Bridge.

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