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Epic Seven-19


Screenshots (updating only if getting new characters/artifacts)

No ML 5⭐ …
5⭐ (x24) – Shuna (limited), Sol (limited), Ram (limited), Riza Hawkeye (limited), Edward Elric (limited), Roy Mustang (limited), Aramintha, Basar, Bomb Model Kanna, Cermia, Charlotte, Destina, Ervalen, Haste, Hwayoung, Kawerik, Ken, Krau, Ran, Roana, Romann, Violet, Zahhak x2, Celine, Vildred
4⭐ – Mercedes, Corvus, Dingo, Maya, Schuri, Clarissa, Crozet, Rose, Coli, Karin, Romann, Zerato, Catuja, Purrgis, Armin, Cidd, Silk, Lots, Rin, Dominiel, Khawana, Crozet
ML 4⭐(x6)- Crimson Armin x2, Fighter Maya, Free Spirit Tieria, Guider Aither, Guider Aither, Blaze Dingo
ML 3⭐ -Gunther, Rikoris, Yoonryoung, Mirsa, Gloomyrain, Elson, Sonia, Church of Ilryos Axe, Lorina, Hasol, Pyllis, Wanda, Hurado, Eaton, Requiemroar
Artifacts 5⭐- Circus Fantasia, Cradle of Life, Holy Sacrifice, Noble Dath, Double-Edged Decrescent, Song of Stars, Sword of Judgment, Unseen Observer, Flawless Garments, Rod of Amaryllis, Shimadra Stuff, Doctor’s Bag x2, Junkyard Dog, Necro & Undine, Bastion of Perlutia, Crown of Glory, Merciless Glutton, Creation & Destruction, Severed Horn Wand, Wings of Light and Shadow, Sacred Tree Branch, A Little Queen’s Huge Crown, Sharpshooter’s Handgun, Justice for All, Sphere of Sadism
Other notable things: Terra-Phantasma x9+, Giga-Phantasma x1, Leif x125+, Friendship Bookmarks x1600+, Gold Transmit Stone x35+, Galaxy Bookmarks x20

Server – Global, Rank – 25

Created as guest Gold – 21 000 000+

Moonlight Blessing available

Story done – stage 2-10

Unnamed Energy 4700+

Selective Summon available

In Stock


30,00 $

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