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Alice Fiction M-1


2⭐ Chars 18 – Michelangelo-B, Viviane, Antoinette, Cleopatra, Nietzsche, Sharizotan, Achilles, Perseus, Nightingale, Hannibal, Kojiro, Salieri, Wang, Pygmalion, Goethe, Kanryusai, Eurystheus, Gareth

3⭐ Chars x7 – Qin Shi Huang, Lancelot, Surtr, Asclepius, Faust, Lex, Joan 5⭐ World Memory x3- Noble’s Tea Party, Folklore’s Day Off, A Good Catch To Me (x3) Quartz – 200+ Guaranteed 3⭐ ticket x1 (unit), Guaranteed 5⭐ ticket x1 (memory gem)
Global Server Rank 6 Credit – 123 000+ Story done 01-07

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10,00 $

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Additional details

Rank 6, Credit 123 000+, Stamina 938/24

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