Best Care Starter Accounts | Segnaless Store


1. Choose the game you want to buy from Game Catalog;
2. Find a proper account. Screenshots you can ask me via discord;
3. On the account page scroll down untill the botton “Make an order”;
4. Go to your basket and proceed to checkout;
5. Place an order by filling in the discord and email fields. After that you’ll get the info how to pay & receive the account.

Working time – every day 3:00 – 18/19:00 (UTC).
My time zone is GMT+4

USD & EUR. Euro you can pay only with my page on easystart.

Priority and the most simple way to pay with my easystart page via Stripe (Don’t know what is? – Millions of companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s—use Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online. Check).  You can pay with Debit Card. 
Next way to pay is is Boosty donation page. You can send money with Debit Card. Guide how to pay will be send to you. Pretty simple and fast. Check guide below.
Another one is payment directly via PayPal but only Friend&Family. You should send payment without any message (in other case I will refund the payment).
I also have such methods to pay: Trustap, Gumroad. About that ask me in discord.

Please, if you have a glitch with long load screen and payment can’t be done, try to use Edge browser or Chrome/Firefox instead of the first one you tried. That should help.
If still no – you can use your Debit Card. 

Since my site doesn’t use any payment methods and only  works with reservation, delivery will be made immediately after our communication via Discord or EpicNPC DM which you’ll see on the checkout page after placing the order. Please make sure you copied ORDER NUMBER for best experience.

I rerolling since 2017 in different games by my own. All accounts are hand-rerolled, without any hack, cheats or exploits.
But keep in mind that selling/trading/transferring an account/re-launching a macro may be directed against TOS developers.
However, 5 years of experience suggests that it is 100% safe and 0 bans.

100% trustworthy. Working with mobile games since 2017. More than 800 accounts sold since that time.
You can check my reputation as a seller on my official EpicNPC page and contact me there for verification that’s really me. 
I am also a local moderator on that site.

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