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Account Soul Tide ST-11


Screenshots (updating only if getting new characters)

Dolls x10 – Freesia, Asuna, Virgina, Lin, Yuki, Aurora x2, Andrea, Mako, Lilyiro, Akaset

Gold Verses x2 – Crimson Storm, Ace

Shards – 4/20 Minerdwen, 5/20 Ennis, 11/20 Nicolette

Global Server, Done only tutorial (stage 1-1), Rank 1

In Stock


10,00 $

Ready to buy? You have three options to choose:

1st option – join my discord channel and contact me there. I’ll add you and we will be able to proceed with the order.

2nd option – make an order by classic checkout page. In the end you’ll receive instruction how to pay & receive the account.

3rd option – you can pay for account by using buymeacoffee button. Please, leave your contacts while doing that: email & discord.

Additional details

Price forms: Each summoned doll = 5$, Each summoned verse = 2$

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